Easy Car Rental Aruba
Easy Car Rental offers cars of top quality at very competitive prices. We have a friendly service and a very professional, well trained and experienced team. The quality standards in our company are very high. We provide our clients with a wide range of high-quality services, and above all, our friendly service which makes each one of our clients feel secure and confident every time they travel with us. We advise you to make a direct reservation, if doing this true the hotel please be aware of the extra reservation costs (commissions) you�ll have to pay.

We have special rates for: We offer you:
  • Repeat guests
  • Time share holders
  • Monthly rentals or longer
  • Refinery personnel
  • Competitive rates
  • Secure reservations
  • No Airport Tax
  • Free delivery of vehicle
  • Free mileage
  • Free roadmap
  • Free baby / booster seat
  • Free third party insurance

Is Easy Car Rental located at the airport? Yes, we opened a new office located 2 minutes away from the airport, behind the Sabana Blanco Gas Station.
When we arrive at the airport what should we do? There will be an employee of Easy Car Rental waiting outside the arrival hall. He will carrying a sign from Easy Car Rental and will bring you to your shuttle bus or taxi.
When the flight is delayed what must we do? We will be waiting at the airport for any delayed flights until 9:30 pm. When you arrive later than 9.30 you can take a cab to your hotel and give us a call the next day and we will deliver the car.
What other transfer options do we have to reach your office? You can meet with our employee outside the arrival hall and take the shuttle bus, or you can take a cab to our office and we will pay for the cab fare. Also if you are with a lot of people and/or luggage only the driver can go to the office and within 10 minutes he/she should be back at the airport to pick up the rest of the people.
How should we fill in the reservation? Please fill in the reservation form as accurate as possible, because we will fill in the contract ahead of time to make the process as fast as possible.
What is the procedure in renting a vehicle? To rent a vehicle you need a major credit card and must be at least 23 years of age. The credit card is used only as a deposit for the vehicle, but at the end of the rental period you can decide if you prefer to pay cash or to charge the credit card.
What other services does Easy Car rental provide? We do not charge for additional hours (up to 5 hours) and we do not charge for 1 extra driver. We have free delivery to and pickup from the hotel.
Are the cars insured? Yes, third party insurance (liability insurance) is included. Furthermore we have the following additional insurance options:
  Regular Cars
Toyota Camry, Kia Rio, Kia Picanto, Nissan Tiida
SUV's and Pick-up's
Suzuki Grand Vitara
Wrangler, Vans & Convertible
Jeep Wrangler, Hyundai H1, Dodge Caravan
CDW $8 p/day $10 p/day $15 p/day
LDW $15 p/day $25 p/day $35 p/day
CDW & LDW $20 p/day $30 p/day $40 p/day
What is the procedure for returning the vehicle? The vehicle can be returned at our airport office and we will shuttle you to the airport. Or you can let us know what time you will be at the airport and one of our employees will meet you outside the departure hall. The Numbers to call are 593-8785 or 593-8795.
What comes included in the rental?
  • No Airport Tax
  • Free delivery of vehicle
  • Free mileage
  • Free roadmap
  • Free baby / booster seat
  • Free third party insurance
  • Free delivery to and from the hotel
How can we give our clients so many discounts? Because of our growth we purchase our cars in such high volume we can negotiate really low prices. We like to pass these savings on to you. Easy Car Rental is known for giving great deals to repeat and new customers and the best service possible.
The prices on the website are they discounted? No. We still have to deduct whatever special we are running at that moment.
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